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Health concerns on World Health Day

On World Health Day this year, check my current post here.

World Health Day - Salads - They make your Day!

A past note from my Health Blog on Austin Statesman Blog below:

A past note from my Health Blog on Austin Statesman Blog below:

This World Health day, make it a concern to count on those calories and set a fitness regime. Working to fitness can be made a routine as you set the schedule and supplement your life with the techniques of Yoga - the Sudarshan Kriya (Art of Living healing breadth techniques) and Pranayama.

The main purpose of Meditation, pranayama and other related practises is that they increase 'prana' - you handle the breath and the body gains good health. The patterns of breadth reveal the toxins inn the body and when we are sick, our breadth is hot, quivery, shaky and not straight. Now, how many times do we breathe in a minute? Ever imagined? Breathing is the first important thing to survive. Since we start breathing till we stop, we breathe round the clock. Amazingly, we use only 30 percent of our lung capacity and we are not breathing enough. In one minute, we breathe nearly 16 to 17 times. If upset, it goes upto 20. If angry, more upwards. But, if calm and happy, the breathing is too normal to 10 times.

We get our energy from food, sleep and energy through breadth and exercise. However, the technique of Sudarshan kriya and pranayam with meditation are the best techniques for mind, body and soul.

Professionals do not need to do something overwhelmingly different but what one needs is to discipline the mind in an undisciplined lifestyle. How?

1. It's time to Move the body with brisk walk every day for at least 20 minutes. Up and down the corridor or in walking lanes or jogger parks.
2. Go for short breaks to stretch at the desk that stops you to be stiff muscled. Give space to yourself or just close your eyes for few minutes and take deep breadth.
3. Feel fresh - go out for fresh air and do not stay behind the doors. Mornings are ever fresh that can bring in sunshine to life too.
4. Don't be a junk eater as obesity can knock the door. Binge on low calorie snacks. Whole grain or fibre rich diet gives nutrition. Avoid cold and vending machine stuff.
5. Check on the EQ and SQ - Emotional Quotient and Spiritual Quotient. All time need of the hour.
6. Change Attitude - It counts. Be positive and possess spiritual outlook.

Above all, supplement life with all those 8 glasses of water and more. Whatever the researchers say, drinking water do take care of skin and stop dehydration especially in Summer. Daily vitamins are required and so, go for the right fruit and vegetable diets - Avoid pills instead eat 'Raw and Fresh fruits' (check my note on this in earlier post)

Change Life - the Power is within You!

Check for the widget and I am sure, the Health blog notes will benefit parents and teachers to a happy healthy way of living and to pass on to younger generation.
- ilaxi patel
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