Thursday, October 02, 2008

International Day of Non Violence: Gandhiji's Birthday

October 2 is marked the Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the born Leader who gave India its Freedom and spread the message of peace and non violence.

As I mentioned earlier in Kidsfreesouls News page, the World Today observes 'The International Day of Non Violence.' Gandhiji quoted, "It is my firm conviction that nothing endearing can be built upon Violence.' And as we see Violence spreading around the world, it is to follow the Gandhian Principles of living.

You can find the highly surfed page of Kidsfreesouls on Gandhiji here and find Gandhiji's Constructive Program Ideology for students and Check the Gandhiji Quiz and you too, find out the answers from Gandhiji's book 'My Experiments with the Truth'. All the Swagat children had found the answers from the book and sent competition entries to Margi Sastry of Wee wonder, Times of India long before.

Well, the Union Health Ministry of India has declared 'No Smoking' with strict rules on the prohibition of Smoking in public areas. Smoking will be banned at work place, shopping malls and cinema halls., airport lounges and even pubs and bars from today, October 2. As such, an average 11,000 deaths per day globally are caused due to tobacco. Six lac deaths per year are caused due to Tobacco consumption in India itself with 50% resulting to cancer. What is more alarming is, 55000 Indian children get addicted to tobacco every year.

Tobacco was smoked as far back as 1556 by the people of the Caribbean, as discovered by Christopher Columbus. It is a silent trap and causes lung cancer, bronchitis and asthma, mouth ulcers, etc. Smoking or chewing tobacco gets a person addicted and No Safe Cigarettes are proven too as low nicotine or the light cigarettes are also equally harmful. Researchers presented a study at the American Thoracic Society 2007 International Conference lately that Kids of smoking parents aren't so healthy. Children whose parents smoke have more respiratory problems. More puffing, wheezing, cases of pneumonia are the effects to the health of the children. The kids also have higher risk of getting depressed, hyper tense and even get lower grades in schools due to their health problems of wheezing and lower respiratory infection due to which, they cannot concentrate in class.

Hence, it is welcoming idea looking to the Health Hazards of Smoking and what other day can be set as Gandhiji's birthday to ban smoking? In 'My Experiments with the Truth', Gandhiji mentions of his habit of smoking and how hard he tried to kick off the habit, which he did. A way of prove, If one has a will, he can do it.

Also Being International Peace day today, it is to think over the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, who advocates non violence and spreads a message of peace, educating a way out of war and violence. You can read further on this in TOI as his wisdom words reflect as he becomes a Guest Editor for the newspaper on occasion of Gandhiji's birthday. The zen master who rebuild bombed villages, set up schools and medical centres, resettled homeless families and all his life advocated the principles of non violence and compassionate action speaks of peace education and its the way out of war and violence. He quips, 'Terrorists are victims who create more victims.'

One need to control two things - Anger and Tolerance. And more as an adult, Protect kids from Crime - Stop them to be Criminals. Build the Pillars of Character and follow the Principles of Good Living with value education.

- ilaxi patel

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