Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Freedom for Bully

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18-24 October is 'Freedom for Bullies week' as observed with the sole intention to free the trauma of being bullied. At Kidscape, Anti Bullying week is in November.

Bullying has just become of the most underrated but enduring problems today. Kids & Teenagers use the mobiles and the net and because there's the whole world of fun using these gadgets, it's time to stop the Bully Panic. As per the Survey by Daniel Peterson, an associate professor at the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago, being bullied can challenge the survival of new nerve cells in the brain and may even lead to depression. Stress kills young nerve cells and this may scar children's brain for life.

With Change with the Change, technology has set in the pace with a massive impact in lives of the younger generation. Social networking and blogging is on a rise. Mobile Phone bullying and children are exposed to adult content on the web if not monitored properly. Parents play a crucial part in protecting children from these dangers, but too often it is children, not their parents, who are in the driving seat when it comes to the use of new technology.

A survey says, 1% of parents think, their children are blogging, 33% children use blogs and 67% parents do not know what a blog is! 13% of 11 years old are never supervised online and 11% of 11 years say, their parents are not aware about their online communications. Many parents can't check the surfing History nor do they exactly know what their children do on the Internet.
This survey results are derived from web searches which is alarming. The dangers of the web lurk as to the three main exposures:

1. Content
2. Contact
3. Buying

As parents fail to provide advice and support, children lurk into realms of the web - unknown and unaware of the consequences sometimes. Leaving the two exposures aside, Contact is one main hurdle in Bullying. Children who visit the chat rooms, emails or text messaging need to moderate their activities and be safe from lurking dangers on web with individuals who want to meet in real life.

Kind of bullying:

1. Physical - beating, punching, threats
2. verbal - calling names, spreading rumour, sarcasm
3. Gestures - teasing, making faces
4. Sexual - unwanted behavior and contacts
5. Cyber bullying - At chats, IMs, mobile text messaging, emailing

Signs of possible Bullying in schools can be:

1. Withdrawal syndrome
2. Coming home with torn books, clothes, bruises
3. fear, restlessness, depression, aggressive attitude
4. Loss of confidence, stammering, self harm, eating disorder
5. Change in routine with loss of interest, mood swings

Ban the Bully:

In the Classroom, at the playground, On way to Home, On the web, In the Neighborhoods - Bullying can be anywhere. All one need to do is :Ban the Bully. Spot the signs. Encourage the child to Speak out. Let not Bully bother, opt for smart ways to avoid. Make the child confident, use tact and be un-perturbed. Know your child's friends and what they do online.

Well, here's an article on Bullying from my book and I hope the tips may help somewhere. Mobile bullying is on a rise as well as the text bullying. You may as well surf the NCH site for more details on this and for Mobile Manners, my earlier note says all.

Here are some sites that may help:
Download Text Bully Poster
http://www.kidsfreesouls.com/bully.htm - More on Bully, Hurt, Ignored.

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