Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stage Fright and you act simply Stupid!

Stage fright or performance anxiety is something that is very common among all of us and even children. Often, in school you may be asked to come up on stage and give a short speech or be a part in the debating team. But, if you find nervousness creeping in you, your hands would shake, voice falter and heart keeps pounding - chances are that you have a Stage Fright. Anyone who is participating in an activity that will bring them into close or direct contact with a small or large audience can experience stage fright. Often it happens, you are told to give a speech and words either roll out which goes out of topic sometimes or it's just you start fumbling for words.

May be, you are not scared of the Stage but it's a speech faltering. Whatever, the stage performance weakens.

A common phobia when most of the children have to perform on stage. All are not bold nor savvy to take control of the mind. And, there is the 'Stage Fright' - fear phobia and the mind goes blank making kids to forget what they have to speak or act! A shaky trembling and anxiety overcomes. Speech falters and words are at a loss. It is almost embarassing situation and it lets down with lower self esteem. The child often acts foolishly on the stage.

If you find yourself in such situation, never try and shun public performances altogether. This is a mistake. Stage fright is something that you need to overcome. But how? So, here we go:

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