Friday, May 11, 2012

Kids learnt How to write a Poem

Story telling is a gateway into the heart of a child and I'm sure many of the tiny toddlers would like to listen to a story before they sleep. We have a forthcoming Story telling sessions at Swagat. You can participate by sending your child's paintings/Posters related to stories like Hansel Gretel, Red Riding Hood, etc. for Pasteboard on Kidsfreesouls. Also find Story Projects at Fairyland and await a surprize for a new story coming soon on these pages ! Help children to read a story every day on Kidsfreesouls and encourage to write a review or just narrate the story. Here's on  How to write a Story

Btw, last 21st April, we had a Poetry session in the classroom. Tulsa wrote a wonderful poetry and wrote her blog here.

You can find Krishna's Poetry below. Krishna is in third class and was inspired to write a poem after learning How to write a Poem. Her mom Shridevi Harikrishnan writes, "Sending you a poetry that Krishna wrote after getting inspired of the poetry session at her all time favorite “Saturday Class”… I am feeling very very happy that my daughter is trying to write poems. The title also seems very wonderful…she was in fact sitting in the kitchen and near the exhaust fan, she saw two birds building a nest and she wrote an instant poem.. I don’t know what went through her mind.. Just felt like sharing it with you. I should say that I envy these kids as we never got a chance to go to such wonderful classes."

Here's Krishna's Poetry. I am sure, you will enjoy reading this:-)

The Bird Flies frrrrrrrrrr……….By Krishna

One day when I was sitting in my kitchen, getting bored,
I looked up and down, left and right,
I saw a bird building its nest…

Oh! I thought if I were a bird to fly fly fly up in the sky
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I thank you God for making me a girl
Though sometimes I feel if I were a bird….

Would I be happy or sad…. 

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