Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go Green - Build Roof Top Gardens and read Judith Macnaught or Guardian of Angels

Roof-top Garden and imagine the thrill to watch nature amidst the beauty of the green lush surrounding! Well, how often do you or your children go to the roof-top and watch the sun going down?

I do. Especially when I am ready Judith Macnaught or Barbara Cartland - the ever Romance novels that one can't ignore to put down. Btw, what is your choice? Do share in your Best reads in the comments and maybe, we have a common choice.
Btw, there are many good reasons to build a rooftop garden, or a so-called “green roof”—whereby layers of soil and plants on top of homes and buildings provide a host of environmental “services” for the living space below as well as for the surrounding ecosystem. If you are thinking why, here's the updated Environment Column that answers all - In English and Spanish too.
Try 'Do-it-yourself' tips at Green Roofs or just go ahead, plant some good saplings on the rooftop in shapy pots. You will sure love to go to the terrace again and again and gaze nature - Let the Kids have the Fun of childhood too. - Go Green! Enjoy.
- ilaxi patel
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