Saturday, November 29, 2008

Protect kids from crime, stop them to be criminals

Our hearts go to the Mumbai terrorism victims and families. It's inhuman and barbarious . Seems all the terrorists were the age group of below 30 years!

You can find more on the main website on this. However, here's on 'Protect Kids from Crime - Stop them to be Criminals' - Children are watching! Today, just before half an hour ago, children were laughing and talking on terrorists. They told me that they had dry fruits with them and must be fun there, hiding and eating almonds and cashews! They fancied many things and their tiny brains led them to believe it was story shoot of a movie that they saw on the television.
Now, here's we need to guide children. Invest time for children, communicate, explain, teach them safety measures and sure, lot goes to upbring a child. Build the Pillars of character and teach them tolerance too.
Read Ed notes and more on Kidsfreesouls.

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- ilaxi patel

Author of Guardian of Angels

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