Thursday, November 13, 2008

Children's Day with Kidsfreesouls Picture Gallery

14th November is Children's Day in India. A day to remember Nehru Chacha who loved children and a day For Kids.

To celebrate Children's Day this year, Kidsfreesouls added more sections For Kids and created Kidsfreesouls Picture Gallery and Paste Board. A time for all of us to go back to memory lane of our childhood when we loved to draw, color and paint rainbows! Kidsfreesouls welcome readers' contributions as well as your kids collection to paste on the Color Paste Board. Creativity blooms as we encourage children to take part in competitions or send online their poetry or art piece to appear on Kidsfreesouls. Children can even send Jokes, Riddles or make a 'Quotes Scrap Book' to add Kidsfreesouls Quotes or Real Stuff.

Well, I once took a competition at a Deaf Dumb School and Blind School in town. We sponsored Drawing books, pencil, rubber, erasers, sharpeners and color boxes to children and the teachers supported us by encouraging the children in a sign language telling them that this is a competition. The children in the age category 3rd-7th Grade screamed with joy and raised their hands in gestures and talking to each other in those tricky signs. In no time, there was a pin drop silence as the teachers explained the rules and the children began to explore creativity on paper.
I was amazed as they had great determination, confidence and unity. They seem to share a great Camaraderie. They were talented and had a sense of pride as they shared each other's work. They poured their emotions on the drawing sheet. They made scenery, cartoon characters and more; even poured their ambitions as what they'd like to be when they grow up - it was just amazing to dive into their tiny minds that revealed a lot.

I feel, these children need no pity. Rather, we need to motivate and encourage them. Sometimes, even teachers or parents disappoint a child with their comment and it is here we need to remember that children are like flowers in the garden of loving god. We are blessed with normal kids who have talents beyond our comprehension.

As teachers or parents, we need to adopt an Art Therapy which can bring down stress levels in us as well as children. Drawing, coloring, crafts, singing, saying and telling jokes, riddles and such activities - even like doing worksheets together is always fun. This improves mental and emotional health apart from creating awareness and even focusing on cognitive abilities. Through this Art and Play fun, children can express thousand words unsaid. I engage myself with my children reducing my work stress related to my other areas of interest and Profession. Parents and Teachers need to be kids again as age is almost a number. Dig into childhood days and with the wonderful memories, you can motivate and encourage to Create a Genius in your Child.
You may visit the For Kids and Paste Board here. Send in your drawings or your child's painting by post or email - Relax and Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids

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