Friday, May 02, 2008

Time Management on web

I saw a tweet - World Comments Day two days ago. So, go ahead and make it World Comments Week. Post at least 3 comments and leave your footsteps. Well, you can find my multiple posts on Ed Blog and elsewhere on all my blogs. Leave your comments in case you wish to and missed earlier. Btw, I wonder who set the World Comments Day and do we find the links in Google Search here?

Well, often we lack the time to read being on the virtual world. Time management is often a problem as we excuse ourselves saying, 'We don't have the time - for this, for that, for what not'. We apt to procrastinate a lot and it so happens as we explore the Twitter or Facebook or Orkut or My Space and MyBlogLog, Digg, Newsgator - whoosh, so many places to stroll around!
Anyways, like I said on Diana Huff's Marcom writer's Blog, we need to have a beat but more, a passion to write. Sometimes, we do have the beat and the passion but lack the time or rathar I can put this way, we explore while the mind is working two ways - getting informed and getting beat to write! Well, Management - yes, that's very important and here's Finding time to Read - 8 Tips for Time deprived Professionals' - Sure, too helpful to me and I hope you too, will find these tips too useful and practical. It also reminds me and floods back my memories to yester days when I use to read - in bedroom, while at dining table, in car, sitting on a swing in porch - just read, anywhere. With Virtual World, it's more exploring and writing those 24x7 (for me it's something like 3x7).

- ilaxi patel
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