Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Karim Rashid's 'Design Your Self'

I was just reading a book few days ago as I was in no mood to log on to the world wide web. An amazing read : Karim Rashid's book 'Design Your Self.' The very caption is interesting with the sub caption saying, 'Rethinking the way you live, love, work and play.'

All I can say is 'Grab a copy of the Book' - a very nice book indeed; dedicated to Humanity. An Imprint of Harper collins by Regan Books, the Book is a class to pick with its colorful pages, neat, engrossing fonts and latest art and tech mix presentation. An Industrialist Designer, Karim's client ranges from Prada, Umbra, Nambe and many. He has more than 2000 designs with many award winning.

Karim Rashid has cool tips to design personal self in this book. Powerful yet practical advice to celebrate Individuality. He says, Express Yourself - "the world is changing exponentially. Youth culture is informed by technology and in turn, young people are interested in participating globally. Their cross cultural positioning and vies extend to an open mindedness to change that is extremely encouraging. Our ultimate goal should be to become unbiased and completely free to express ourselves." Rest of, you got to read - the Book is simply 'Superb' and a must on the book shelf. Karim also has a charted out a Calendar - Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and also Life Cycle instructions are excellent. If I ever get to work on this, do find these Life cycle tips rolling on Kidsfreesouls someday. Till then, enjoy the book and reviews at Amazon here. You are sure to thank me for this recommendation.

- ilaxi patel
Editor, Kidsfreesouls.com
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