Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Adsense secrets by Joel

Writer's Block? So happens, Content creation is a critical part and daily blogging your way, gets you into Writer's Block! You tend to pose a big question, "What do I write today?" Happens to everyone but than you always have ways to write something, everyday. It's only words and words to sledgehammer your way through the barricade of writer's block and maybe you find, this is the best ever post you did - for all the posts you write or at least, some of them.

Anyways, we have way to go, once we decide to blog. And so many topics. Yet, writer's block hits every blogger quite often.

I was going to write something Interesting today but didn't know what and so here's for you to Check out Joel's video ( In You Tube on Kidsfreesouls) which inspires me to go ahead - BLOGGING way out on the web. Like Joel says, a Writer's Block can be a nightmare sometimes for some people. His tips are cool and as always, Joel "Rocks". If you want to be a next Internet Millionaire, Joel do show you the way with great marketing tips at Joel's Internet Marketing Tips. You can go for the Secret Classroom to learn more on ways to Marketing especially 'Adsense Secrets' - Joel's 4th Edition of Google Adsense Secrets which is ready for download on 16th April. A definite guide to passive Income, Joel's book will cover everything from Adsense optimization to case studies, ad tracking and monetize your site.

Let me be frank, the first time Joel's first book 'Adsense Secrets' costed $77, later the 2nd and 3rd costed $97 and all I did was to follow all the tips Joel gave 'Free' :-) And here me, imagine if one buys the book, you sure get closer to be a Millionaire, for sure. We define the rules of our own earnings but sometimes, it's a casual Blogging way on web - just out of Love for children. Who cares for $$ - But, if you are really a Tech person and an SEO, here's your chance Blogging Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing through all Joel's tips - Countdown begins for you for the 4th Edition download of Joel's Book. Cheers and all the best....Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
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