Friday, April 11, 2008

Whisper Poetry-Arts to hearts

Whisper Poetry Club - "In bringing arts to our hearts." Stan Almendro, the founder of Whisper Poetry says in their April Newsletter, "A day needs to come where every preacher repents before God & apologizes to the people for their lack of spirit & spirituality. When this happens the people will again begin to enter the House of God & in AWE acknowledge that God is in this place." Not every Christian, every human being need to stand to rise and fight against an evilness - above all come to realize the importance of your personal relationship with God - be it a church or a temple or Mosque "Faith is discipline and trusting in tomorrow and dreaming God's dream."

Well, Whisper from the Heart Poetry Club has, since its’ inception three years ago, supported thousands of students in Africa & in particular South Africa. Whether you are a poet; music lover; an ardent reader; writer; artist; photographer or art - Whisper Poetry encourages the Artistic flair. The site conducts various competitions for which, the closing date for Short Story & Art competition is the 30th June 2008.The Photography competition closes on the 21st of each month & monthly prizes will be awarded. The entry fee for the Photography is free of charge. Also, a number of Books, CDs are available on their site and introduces to famous artists with a variety of themes worldwide. It offers African experience with the African Tours and Safari.

Whisper Poetry publishes four books per year and gives away free prizes - all through the Donations they receive through the website and sponsored ads. If you think, you can support the mission and would like to help many students around, here's you chance to do a kind act. Click here to Donate.

Btw, April is the National Poetry Month and here's Poetry pages with lots to learn with the upcoming Poetry Comprehension - Watch there soon in Grammar fun pages too. Enjoy.

- Ilaxi Patel
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