Monday, July 23, 2012

Resources for Kids - Great links

Plenty of Kids Resources are available Online. However, at Kidsfreesoulshere are some great Websites for Kids that I have come across. In fact, I have picked some Interesting websites and will be adding more from time to time.

Social networking sites are sometimes great concern for Kids privacy. Parental guidance becomes a choice for kids who follow the chosen sites for their online surfing. It is always not necessary to log to social networking site but together exploring kids sites is just fun and finding fruitful experience.

My recent observations with children who are active on Facebook and the parental concern who complain about their child's activity on web, call for Privacy matters that matter the most! Facebook is a great place for having fun time but at the same time, kids get into gossip with friends on chat. Though Facebook offers most extensive privacy control settings, it's suggested to focus on critical areas. Another unsafe approach of the kids is 'email accounts' and even getting deeper into playing games on certain games for kids websites. 

A parental guidance is required for younger children who even surf through the back doors of their rooms and even clubs. A helping hand and practical advice given to children make them understand and they choose Google and other search engines to find the sites for their fun and school projects. Sites that have Kids links and resources are too helpful here and should be explored. 

While you surf Kidsfreesouls Pages, find Resources for Kids and you will love to come back again for more. I have some hand-picked websites and will be adding more from time to time. 

- ilaxi patel
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