Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Carry a Poem in your Pocket (Bag)

April is National Poetry Month 2012 - Time for 'Learning How to write a Poem and Tips to Memorize and recite a Poem' at Swagat Children Library.
Last year, children had a group session on jotting down all the rhyming words and had brilliant ideas to select their poetry writing subject. Each one came up with their own creation and 'carried a poetry in their pocket (bag)' to share with their parents and friends. Once again, the session 'Carry a Poetry in Your Pocket' is announced for 21st April followed by 'Archie Day' on the last Saturday of the month at Swagat Children Library. Children online can participate by sending your original poetry and follow the Poetry Learning Pages and How to write a Poem.  Also Follow Tips to Memorize and recite a Poem' and findInspirational Poets - The chosen ones on Kidsfreesouls.
Carry a Poetry in your Pocket (bag) and share your creations. You can even draw and paint your poem or pin up on your softboard - Sure, it will be fun as nothing ever is so exciting than imagination and when you write your poetry, your own wonderful creation will make them excited - Summer time is fun time and just as the school ends, here's creativity to flourish  the best. Kids can blog their poetry like Tulsa has done and here's Kids blogs with more poetry from their scrap books.

-ilaxi patel
Author of Guardian of Angels:A practical guide to Joyful Parenting
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