Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Children are like wet cement - Not really! In fact, they do not slip but today's tech savvy kids tend to rise and shine! As parents and teachers need a change over - "Think not what you can teach the kids, just think, what they can teach you" and kids almost prove their point when they are well equipped with information and 'Know it all'.Technology is the new wave generation and sometimes, we tend to be too over protective and we should. At the same time, explore with them and share and learn together the way of the web. We ourselves sharpen our skills while they frankly tell us what they do on Facebook or just share their skills on what innovative skills they've possessed while

they blog or fiddle with the search engines. They ego surf - their names, friends and family - even their schools or just 'Feel Good' to find their Project links.

Recently, my Swagat Kids made me explore amazingly to what they surfed with the name 'kidsfreesouls' - They took me to Google Search and got to Mr.Doobs Google Chrome Projects - Sphere and Gravity. They beamed with laughter as they searched 'Kidsfreesouls' and even had fun exploring Gujarat StateCM's name 'Narendra Modi' - Children, indeed are too innocent when it comes to talking to them about Politics and would pour their hearts and dabble all they know, heard and experienced around them. For them, the CM of Gujarat means 'Development Engine' as they find the city Infrastructure fast changing and what matters most to them is 'Inspiration' - Well, Check these sites and have fun as much fun I had sharing knowledge with them.

- ilaxi patel
Editor, www.kidsfreesouls.com
Newspaper for Kids

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