Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leave your footprints - Readers Survery for

Blowing your trumpet? Yes, it do make sense sometimes. Why, you would say and here is my logic. When it is a 'Feel Good' Factor, we work hard to scale to success. Towards the path of achievement, in comes the hurdles but Kidsfreesouls has experienced ins and outs, ups and downs - a journey since years while I wrote 'Freesouls' in Sambhaav and still continue to write @ While I searched my articles in Way Back Machine as I gave Internet lessons to my Kids Blogger 'Tulsa', here comes the form for all my readers to fill up and let me know where Kidsfreesouls stand! 90% new visits to Kidsfreesouls comes from Search Engines, next is Direct visits and rest is Referred visits.

50% elementary, middle- and high-school teachers and librarians
30% parents and grandparents of kids ages 3-17
20% kids ages 6-17

Did you Like Well, you know the answer. Stay tuned and help Kidsfreesouls be a better destination for Kids, Parents and Teachers on the Internet Super Highway:-) Please do fill up the form - Or fill up here too. Thanks for your support.

- ilaxi patel
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